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Divorce Summons

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A Divorce Summons and Particulars of Claims are the documents the Courts need to Register your Divorce Application and give you a case number; this is a necessary step to completing a Divorce.  The Divorce Summons and Particulars of Claims document will be provided in MS Word format so that changes can be made by the parties.  The document can be used in the Regional Magistrates’ Courts.

USE IF: You and your spouse have agreed on the terms of the Divorce and have a Divorce Settlement Agreement that is signed or ready to be signed.  The Divorce must be unopposed and uncontested.  The parties want to do the Divorce themselves in the Regional Magistrates Courts without the help of an attorney.

This is your step-by-step guide for completing your online Divorce Summons and Particulars of Claim document … Easy, Affordable, DIY.