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iLawyer sets out to provide access to quality legal documents to anyone, at any time; we provide iLawyer blog articles to further inform our clients.

Something key to remember is understanding the subject and legalities surrounding the document products. Learning more about subjects relating to Estate Planning; Power of Attorney; Last Will & Last Testaments; Property Sale Agreements; Eviction Notices and our other products will help you understand the process involved in making these documents with iLawyer and be better prepared for the formalities.  This is why iLawyer blog articles are so important.

Below you will find iLawyer articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects that are relevant to iLawyer products.

Within these articles, we take you through the steps and offer inside knowledge of what to expect depending on your choice of document. Browse our topics below and check out our products, here: iLawyer Product Store.

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How to grant a Power of Attorney?

How to grant a Power of Attorney?

How to grant a Power of Attorney? A power of attorney ("POA") is a legal document in which a person, known as the Principal, authorises another person, known as the Agent, to legally act on their place. In order the appoint an Agent with a POA there are 7 steps to...

How to make your Will valid

How to make your Will valid

How to make your Will valid Now that you have made your Will, there are certain things you must do to make it valid and enforceable. Below we list 8 very important things you must consider and affect to make your Will valid: Each page of the Will must be signed in...

Why you need a Will

Why you need a Will

Why you need a Last will and Testament In this article we discuss why you need a Will; a Last Will and Testament is one of the most important documents you can make in your Life. It will legally protect your spouse, children, loved-ones and assets, but it will also...




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